Education & Events
How You Can Help

One can assist in conducting education programs organised by the zoos, provide financial support to run conservation programs, get involved in the activities and events conducted by the zoo authority and contribute towards the animal's feeding expenditures through animal adoption.


The Zoological Gardens launches animal adoption program wherein general public can adopt an animal for a complete year. Under this program, one can contribute towards the feeding expenditures towards the animal.

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The zoo is into wildlife conservation programs like captive breeding for endangered species. To run these programs successfully in requires financial support on a regular basis.

Education & Events

Mysore Zoo and other Zoos hosts lot of programs to public about wildlife conservation, these programs have made the Zoo a model Zoo in the country.


The role of volunteers is very important in order to promote awareness through zoo education programmes regularly every year.

Volunteer Programs

It is most fortunate to have sincere volunteers who are visiting the zoo regularly on their own and extending their assistance in conducting education programmes besides taking lead role in educating the students / NGO's / Visitors.

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